(1949 - 2013)

Pierre Moret

Compositeur - Composer


John Molineux : Musician, story teller. He has corrected the English part of my web site


Clair Arthur staged ALICE… in 1996 for the first performance.

He helped me with the libretto of my opera "Captain Gulliver's Adventures".


J.F. Pizzetta is the webmaster of this website and a sound engineer.

He has recorded the majority of the site's audio extracts.

Musician and sound engineer, Jean-Luc Bernard, has recorded

the CD "Airs et Variations" (2009) in Saint-Thégonnec (Brittany)


Plastician artist established in Berlin, Mathilde Lafabrie

has her own workshop where she organizes exhibitions


Café-librairie situated in the Huelgoat forest (Brittany), l’Autre rive is an unique place

for meeting friends, reading books and drinking good Breton beer.










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